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Final Report
June 29, 2001


Paul L. A. H. Chartrand
Wendy Whitecloud


Eva McKay
Doris Young

Final Letter

Printed copies of the report are available at the Statutory Publications office:

200 Vaughan Street
Winnipeg MB
R3C 1T5
Toll Free in Manitoba: 1.800.321.1203
Phone: 204.945.3101
Fax: 204.945.7172

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Section One:

Chapter One: The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry: background and key issues

Section Two

Aboriginal Rights and Aboriginal Relations
Chapter Two: Recognition and Reconciliation
Chapter Three: Métis Issues
Chapter Four: Treaty Land Entitlement and the Northern Flood Agreement

Section Three

Community and Restorative Justice
Chapter Five: Youth Justice
Chapter Six: The Courts
Chapter Seven: Policing
Chapter Eight: Aboriginal Employment and Participation in the Justice System
Chapter Nine: Violence towards Aboriginal Women and Children

Section Four

Crime Prevention through Community Development
Chapter Ten: Strengthening Families
Chapter Eleven: Strengthening Young People
Chapter Twelve: Strengthening Communities

Section Five

Concluding Thoughts
Chapter Thirteen: Revenue Generation
Chapter Fourteen: Strategies for Action


Appendix I: AJIC Recommendations
Appendix II: Order in Council
Appendix III: Bibliography
Appendix IV: AJIC staff
Appendix V: AJIC Consultation Papers
Appendix VI: Parties Consulted by the AJIC

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