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Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission
November 1999


The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission is established to review the recommendations of the Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry (1991) and to advise the government on the recommended methods of implementing those recommendations for which the Province of Manitoba is responsible and accountable. The Commission is responsible for:


  1. Recommending priority areas for action to be undertaken by Manitoba, agencies under Manitoba's jurisdiction or those organizations funded by it in the short term, and sequentially in the longer term.
  2. Recommending practical, cost-effective and attainable implementation and funding strategies for the activities recommended for priority action.
  3. Supporting the principles set out in the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry within a justice system that is flexible and can be administered at the local level, and which operates under the current criminal laws of Manitoba and Canada.
  4. Reporting to government on the current status of implementation of the recommendations of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry with respect to those areas for which the Manitoba Government is accountable and responsible.
  5. Communicating and consulting with Manitobans for the purpose of setting priorities and developing implementation strategies for proposed changes to the justice system. However, given the extensive public input during the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, formal public hearings are not contemplated or authorized as part of the work of this Implementation Commission.
  6. Providing recommendations to the Ministers on specific issues as they are finalized.
  7. Providing status reports and implementation recommendations to the Ministers on a quarterly basis, with a view to finalization by March 31, 2001.
  8. Assessing the jurisdiction to undertake the work of the Commission having regard to the Framework Agreement entered into between Canada and First Nations and the Reports of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
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