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Section 5

Concluding Thoughts

The final section of this report looks to the future. It provides a series of revenue-sharing and funding options as mandated in the AJIC's terms of reference. Finally, it turns to the question of a successor institution to continue the implementation of the AJI and the recommendations made elsewhere in this report. The breadth of issues addressed by the AJI, the lack of progress in implementing AJI recommendations in the 1990s, and the need to allow communities to set the pace, all point to the need for an ongoing institutional commitment. In this section the AJIC recommends the establishment of both an Aboriginal Justice Commission and a Roundtable on Aboriginal Issues.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section 1 - The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry: background and key issues
Section 2 - Aboriginal Rights and Aboriginal Relations
Section 3 - Community and Restorative Justice
Section 4 - Crime Prevention through Community Development
» Section 5 - Concluding Thoughts «

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