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Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission
Consultation Papers

Anokiiwin Employment Solutions, Aboriginal Employment Strategy, 2001

Russell Barsh, Trust Responsibility and the Coordination of Aboriginal Issues in the United States: Potential Applications in Canada, 2001

Fiscal Realities, Innovative Provincial Aboriginal Funding Programs, 2001

John Giokas, Recognition, Reconciliation and Healing, 2001

Government of Manitoba, Department of Education and Training, Aboriginal Justice College, 2001

Bob Groves, Background Paper on Options for a Successor Body, 2001

Paul Joffe, The 1985 Quebec National Assembly Resolution on Aboriginal Rights: A Brief Commentary, 2001

Rick Linden, Donald Clairmont and Chris Murphy, Aboriginal Policing in Manitoba, 2001

Rick Linden, Crime Prevention in Aboriginal Communities, 2001

The Métis Policy Sub-Committee, Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission, Jean-Yves Assiniwi, Paul Chartrand, John Giokas, Robert Groves, Bradford W. Morse, Towards a Métis Policy, 2001

Paul Thomas, Making Aboriginal Issues Matter in the Government of Manitoba, 2000

Jane Ursel, Report on Domestic Violence Policies and Their Impact on Aboriginal People, 2001

Therese Lajeunesse and Associates Ltd., Therese Lajeunesse, Final Report, Consultation with Aboriginal Peoples, 2001.

These consultation papers are available at


Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Section 1 - The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry: background and key issues
Section 2 - Aboriginal Rights and Aboriginal Relations
Section 3 - Community and Restorative Justice
Section 4 - Crime Prevention through Community Development
Section 5 - Concluding Thoughts

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