Wendy J. Whitecloud

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ms. Whitecloud is originally from Sioux Valley, a Dakota community in southern Manitoba. Upon graduation from high school in Brandon, she pursued an undergraduate degree in Calgary Alberta and worked for a number of years with the federal government in Ottawa.

While working in Ottawa, she determined that further education was required and pursued a law degree at Queen’s University in Kingston and graduated in 1984.

She has since been employed in a number of fields of employment. She came back to Manitoba in 1991 and has since been employed as Director of the Academic Support Program with the Faculty of Law , University of Manitoba. The program seeks to support Aboriginal and other non-mainstream students entering the Faculty of Law.

Wendy’s interests have consistently been geared toward issues related to Aboriginal people and their lives in Canada. She has been a past board member with the Elizabeth Fry Society and is presently the Acting Chair for the Winnipeg First Nations Local Area Management Board which is an organization devoted to providing employment training for First Nations people in Winnipeg.

Wendy has one child, a son; Hanwakan.

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