Eva McKay

Sioux Valley First Nation,
Manitoba, Canada

Eva is a 79-year-old Elder from Sioux Valley First Nation, Manitoba. She has been actively serving her people for over 50 years. Eva is a proud mother of 12 children, 50 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and a very large extended family.

Eva was one of the first Council members for Sioux Valley. She was a member of the Council for four terms. She is one of the co-founders of the Brandon Friendship Centre, established in 1964. Eva also helped establish the Manitoba Indian Women's Association in 1969. The efforts of Eva and her colleagues for local control of education in Sioux Valley resulted in the 1979 completion of the Tatiyopa Maze School. Eva was very active locally and in 1973 she organized a women's group called Ladies Owoju Club. Their objective was to have an Elders complex built. The Dakota Lodge was completed in 1983.

Eva was a cultural worker for 10 years with the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council. She was also active with the Dakota Ojibway Child and Family Services agency. Eva has been a foster parent for teenagers for many years. The YMCA of Brandon presented Eva with the Woman of Distinction Award in 1988. She also received the Canada 125th Commemorative Award for public service in 1993. Eva served on the National Parole Board in 1996. She has been actively involved with the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women. She is on the Self-Government Advisory Committee for Sioux Valley. Eva has been a member of the Advisory Elders Panel at Brandon University for over 30 years.

Eva was an elder adviser at the beginning of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry process of 1991.

Eva McKay is a Traditional Elder, Sweat-Lodge holder and a well-respected Healer.

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