The Death of Helen Betty Osborne

The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission


Appendix II

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Exhibits at the Osborne Hearings

1. Rules of procedures for Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, Helen Betty Osborne hearing, June 14, 1989

2. Area Layout, Clearwater Lake area

3. Area Layout, pump house area

4. Const. Donald Ray Knight’s description of murder scene (two pages)

5. Booklet of photographs of murder scene (34 pages)

6. Copy of Medical Examiner’s Report

7. Letter to Deputy Attorney General Gordon Pilkey from H. B. Luross, C/Supt., RCMP date December 8, 1971, re: possible reward

8. Letter from Deputy Attorney General Gordon Pilkey, re: refusing to offer reward

9. Anonymous letter, May 3, 1972 (typed copy)

10. Copy of RCMP Information Circular, November 16, 1971, re: The Pas detachment’s request for assistance/information in identifying assailant(s) and suspect vehicle

11. Copy of RCMP Information Circular, November 24, 1971, re: a thorough search of any suspect vehicles and tools for blood stains

12. Copy of RCMP letter, November 26, 1971, re: information request of anyone requiring treatment for puncture wounds, as assailant(s) may have suffered injury

13. Copy of RCMP Information Circular, December 6, 1971, re: photos depicting the two screwdrivers found near the scene

14. Copy of RCMP Information Circular, November 29, 1971, re: cooperation of the Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons

15. List of RCMP members who worked on the case in The Pas

16. Bundle of letters from D’Arcy Bancroft, lawyer for four suspects and two witnesses

17. Memo from Const. John Lyons

18. Copy of statement of Norman Bernard Manger

19. Copy of Sgt. Larry Grosenick’s notes, 1972

20. Hand-drawn diagram of scene by Cpl. Harold Bielert

21. Hand-drawn diagram of scene by Cpl. Bielert

22. Copy of Cornelius Bighetty’s statement to the police

23. Copy of letter dated March 10, 1987, immunity for Lee Colgan

24. Copy of memo dated Nov. 1, 1972 from Stanley S. Nozick, Crown attorney, Crown’s assessment of the case

25. RCMP Occurrence report from Sgt. Alan Hayden-Luck dated July 3, 1972, re: Osborne’s clothes

26. Memorandum and paper on immunity

27. Statement from Norman Manger to RCMP dated Nov. 11, 1987 taken by Const. Bob Urbanoski

28. Statement from Norman Manger to RCMP dated September 26, 1972

29. Consent to take polygraph by Manger, September 23, 1972

30. Photograph of anonymous letter (see Exhibit #9)

31. Memo dated December 9, 1987 to M. Bruce, Assistant Deputy Minister, from A.J. Nielsen, Chief Sheriff, re: Sheriff Wilson

32. Memo re: Sheriff Wilson, January 18, 1988

33. Statement of Sheriff Wilson, April 2, 1986 (typed)

34. Statement of Sheriff Wilson, April 2, 1986 (handwritten)

35. Arbitration of Gerald Wilson’s grievance

36. Statement of unidentified witness to RCMP (handwritten)

37. Photograph of Betty Osborne submitted by RCMP

38. List of persons interviewed by Cpl. K.A. Duncan, RCMP, November 27, 1971 — December 12, 1971

39. Pocket book, Conspiracy of Silence by Lisa Priest

40. Statements of George Ross, November 14, 1971

41. Statement of Rebecca Ross, November 23, 1971

42. School yearbook, M. Barbour Collegiate, 1970

43. Notes of Const. T. F. Boyle, Nov. 13—25, 1971

44. Subpoena for unidentified witness

45. Jury selection documents

46. Jack Halliday’s withdrawal of offer to take polygraph

47. Report prepared by Constable Urbanoski for the AJI, 1989

48. Colgan’s letter changing his testimony

49. Transcript of the Preliminary Inquiry, July 6,7 and 8, 1987

50. Transcript of the Trial, November 23 — December 1, 1987

51. Phone records for the Colgan residence and cottage, and Halliday residence for September — December 1987

52. Summary of Autopsy by Dr. D. W. Penner, Pathologist, Health Sciences Centre

53. RCMP Memo dated December 5, 1985, re: laying charges

54. Colgan’s diary for his lawyer, October 15, 1986

55. Colgan’s statement, March 10, 1987

56. Colgan’s statement, April 20, 1987

57. Unused exhibit number

58. Letter from Sheriff, re: jury, August 15, 1989

59. Letter from George Dangerfield, re: laying other charges after murder acquitted

60. Letter and memo from M. Barbour Collegiate, September 1, 1989


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