The Justice System and Aboriginal People

The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission


Appendix V

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Staff and Consultants
Other Research Assistance
Tribal Court Symposium
Elders Conference


Appendix V

Staff and Consultants TOP

Executive Secretary
Tom McMahon

Co-ordinating Editor
Ed Reed

Commission Counsel
Perry Schulman, Q. C.
Randy McNicol, Q. C.
Special Assistant to Commissioner Sinclair
Diane Gielis

Special Assistant to Commissioner Hamilton
Phil Lancaster

Hearings Coordinators
Jeannie Daniels
Eric Robinson

Editorial Staff
Kathi Avery
Jane Curran
Dan David
Professor Gerald Friesen
John Hylton
Professor Rick Linden
Tim Sale
Pat Sanders
Doug Smith

Director of Research
Brad Morse
Professor of Law,
University of Ottawa

Senior Research Officer
Doris Young
Harry Daniels
Renée Fossett
Laurie Messer
Peter Sawatzky
Eileen Shewchuk

Law Students
Loretta Kocsis
Sean Kocsis

Summer Students
Anita Bedard
Myles Courchene
Trisha Delormier
Chris Hackett
Paul Hackett
Deborah Hanly
Don Langford
Daphne van der Put
Jennifer Yarnell

Transcript Summaries
Michele Fitzgerald

Office Managers
Darlene Black
Maryanne Boulton

Support Staff
Louise Bombay
Della Cummer
Marie Lands
Michele Nabozniak
Laura Pompana
Glenna Redsky

Wanda Chandler
Lynn Innerst
Dennis Stoesz

Staff at Osborne and
Harper Hearings
Nick Blanchard
Bill Miscavish
Ben Moroz
Allan Rouse

Jeff Thomas

Poster Design
Joe Mercredi



Consultants TOP

Professors Freda Ahenakew, Cecil King,Catherine Littlejohn
Animus Research Associates
Angus Reid and Associates
Canadian Institute for Law and the Family
Professor Paul Chartrand
Scott Clark
Professor James Crawford
Consulting Inc.
Dansys Consultants
Professor Jim Dumont
Indigenous Women's Collective
Jack King
Professor John Milloy
A.R.A. Consultants
Peat Marwick Stevenson & Kellogg
Professor Doug Sanders
Professor Sam Stevens
Touche Ross
Westarc Group



Other Research Assistance TOP

Professor Dennis Bracken
Stan Cohen
Barb Hendrickson
Professor Peter Hudson
Professor Michael Jackson
Professor Len Kaminski
Professor Rod Kueneman
Melanie Lautt
Law Reform Commission of Canada
Prairie Research Associates
Rick Sloan
Joy Waters



Tribal Court Symposium TOP

Ralph Johnson,
Professor of Law, University of Washington

James Zion,
General Counsel, Navajo Housing Authority

Chief Judge Hilda Manuel,
Tohono O'odham Nation, Arizona

Chief Justice Don Dupuis,
Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribal Court, Montana

Judge William A. Thorne Jr.,
3rd Circuit Court, Utah

Joe Myers, Executive Director,
National Indian Justice Centre

Senior Judge James Delaney,
Colorado Judicial District

Chief Judge William Johnson,
Umatilla Tribal Court, Oregon

Judge Wayne Cadman,
Navajo District Court

Chief Judge Elbridge Coochise,
Northwest Intertribal Court, Washington

Ed Martin, Court Administrator,
Judicial Branch of the Navajo Nation

Evelyn Stevenson,
Tribal Attorney, Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribal Court, Montana



Elders Conference TOP

Jim Dumont
Jean Folster
Robin Green
Paul Huntinghawk
Eva McKay
Joe Roan
Mary Roberts
Edna Manitowabe
Art Solomon
Myrtle Thomas


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