The Death of John Joseph Harper

The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission


Appendix II

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Exhibits at the Harper Hearings

  1. Rules of Procedure of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, J.J. Harper hearings, June 19, 1989
  2. Transcript of inquest proceeding, April 11—20, 1988
  3. Inquest Report of Judge Enns, May 26, 1988
  4. Inquest list of exhibits, April 5—14, 1988
  5. Report on autopsy on J.J. Harper conducted by Dr. Peter H. Markesteyn, Chief Medical Examiner, March 10, 1988
  6. Book of photos prepared by Const. Craig Boan
  7. Diagram of scene, Winnipeg Police, Sgt. Robert Parker, March 9, 1988
  8. Photographs taken by Milton Ben Brown, Private Investigator employed by World Investigation. Services engaged by Harvey Pollock (counsel for Harper family)
  9. Transcript of radio transmission, Winnipeg Police, March 9, 1988
  10. Transcript of telephone and radio transmission, March 9, 1988
  11. Winnipeg Ambulance radio transmission, March 9, 1988
  12. Ambulance protocol, blank form, no date
  13. Ambulance report, March 9, 1988, transporting of J.J. Harper to Health Sciences Centre
  14. Health Sciences Centre records, dated March 9, 1988, admission
  15. Photos of clothing of Const. Robert Cross, March 24, 1988
  16. Forensic report — serology, March 31, 1988, Staff Sgt. W.I. Mathison
  17. Forensic report — hair, March 22, 1988
  18. Forensic report — alcohol, March 22, 1988
  19. Forensic report — firearm, March 22, 1988
  20. Guns and Ammo magazine — May 1988 issue, "Modern Revolvers What Makes Them Tick," pages 44—49, 84—85
  21. Forensic report — toxicology, March 14, 1988, R.J. Warren, RCMP, Toxicology Section
  22. Guidelines for the Use of Firearms, Winnipeg Police (small card, no date)
  23. Statement of Const. Robert Cross, March 9, 1988, taken by Sgt. Henry Williams
  24. Copy of videotape taped by Milton Ben Brown
  25. Letter from Dr. Marilyn Singer, dated August 17, 1989

A. For Identification: Psychiatric report by Dr. Linda Loewen
B. For Identification: Psychiatric report by Dr. David J. Globerman

  1. Copy of handwritten statement, March 17, 1988, signed by unidentified witness
  2. Copy of typed version of handwritten statement, dated March 17, 1988, signed by unidentified witness
  3. City of Winnipeg Police, videotaped re-enactment of incident

C For Identification: Copy of chapter of The Blue Wall by Carsten Stroud
D For Identification: Medical report of Dr. Yaren

  1. Forensic lab report by Murray Smith
  2. Sealed container of seven caps used in testing clothing by Murray Smith
  3. Copy of report of Dr. Stanley Yaren, dated August 2, 1989
  4. Dr. Linda Loewen’s report of August 1, 1989
  5. Saturday Night magazine , December 1988 issue, "The Shooting of J.J. Harper," page 42
  6. Photocopied extract of Const. William Isaac’s notebook (no date showing)
  7. Court assistance report prepared by Const. William Isaac, March 9, 1988
  8. Supplementary report by Const. William Isaac, re: Melvin Pruden, March 9, 1988
  9. Incident case report
  10. Supplementary report prepared by Const. Randy Hampton, March 9, 1988
  11. Special report prepared by Const. William Isaac, March 9, 1988
  12. Supplementary report prepared by Const. William Isaac, March 16, 1988
  13. Extract from Const.William Isaac’s second notebook (11 pages), February 19, 1988 — March 14, 1988
  14. Original notebook of Const. William Isaac
  15. Revised notebook of Const.William Isaac
  16. Dr. Linda Loewen’s letter, dated September 1, 1989, to counsel for the Winnipeg Police Association, guidelines to aid Const. Robert Cross in testifying at the Inquiry hearing
  17. Map of the City of Winnipeg
  18. Const. Robert Cross’ revolver
  19. Const. Robert Cross’ holster
  20. Melvin Pruden’s jacket
  21. J.J. Harper’s jacket
  22. Cassette tape of radio transmissions
  23. Video of scene prepared March 9, 1988 for Winnipeg Police Department by Sgt. Robert Parker
  24. Overtime record of Michael Tymchuk, March 5—14, 1988
  25. Videotape of Const. Glen Spryszak with gun drawn in incident of April 1988
  26. Special report by Const. Glen Spryszak, March 9, 1988
  27. Supplementary report by Const. Glen Spryszak, March 9, 1988
  28. Regulation on police shootings, "Evidence Gathering," Winnipeg Police Department (no date)
  29. Special report by Insp. Eric Hrycyk, March 9, 1988
  30. Supplementary report by Const. Richard Poneira, March 16, 1988
  31. Letter from Douglas Abra, re: Dr. Neil McDonald, August 14, 1989
  32. Curriculum vitae of Dr. Neil McDonald
  33. Extract of Winnipeg Police Department Policy Manual, re: notebooks ( no date)
  34. Audio transmission action form, Winnipeg Police Department, March 14, 1988
  35. Report of Sgt. Shipman, re: Const. Kathryn Hodgins, March 18, 1988
  36. City of Winnipeg letter, re: Const. Kathryn Hodgins’ current condition and ability to give evidence from Dr. W.L. Davis to counsel for the WinnipegPolice Association, dated November 6, 1989
  37. Performance Evaluation Report, Winnipeg Police Dept. (blank form), no date
  38. Guide to Performance Evaluation Report, Winnipeg Police Dept. (blank form), no date
  39. Winnipeg Free Press column by Gordon Sinclair, dated March 12, 1989, "Circling the Paddywagons"
  40. Map of Logan/Winks area showing Winnipeg Police canvass
  41. Supplementary report of officers Mazur and Anderson of March 11 and 17, 1988
  42. Report of Supt. Clark Peckover and Insp. Kenneth Dowson, dated May 2, 1988, re: police mistakes disclosed at the inquest into the death of J.J. Harper
  43. J.J. Harper’s wallet and contents
  44. Supplementary report of officers Cameron and Rautavuori, re: attempts to notify Harper’s family on March 9, 1988
  45. Winnipeg Free Press article of August 29, 1986, "Police Chief Touts Taped Statements"
  46. District 6 interim policy on notebooks (no date)
  47. Departmental regulation on notebooks (pre-December 1988)
  48. Toronto Police Department Policy on notebooks, December 1985
  49. Winnipeg Police Department — Winnipeg Police Association 1984—86 Collective Agreement with Promotions Manual
  50. Firearms Board of Enquiry Procedure Manual used on March 9, 1988
  51. Firearms Board of Enquiry Revised Procedure Manual (as of December 1988)
  52. Report of Firearms Board of Enquiry into the shooting of J.J. Harper, March 10, 1988
  53. Various supplementary reports reviewed by Firearms Board of Enquiry prior to ruling
  54. Various supplementary reports not reviewed by the Firearms Board of Enquiry
  55. Supplementary reports on car theft, March 9, 1988
  56. Handwritten notes on blood and urine alcohol levels of J.J. Harper, reviewed by Chief Herb Stephen prior to press conference of March 10, 1988
  57. Handwritten notes of Chief Stephen on report of Firearms Board of Enquiry, March 10, 1988
  58. Winnipeg Police Department news release of March 9, 1988 at 9:00 a.m.
  59. Winnipeg Police Department news release of March 10, 1988 at 3:30 p.m.
  60. Letter of April 21, 1988 from Crown attorney W.W. Morton to Chief Stephen, Winnipeg Police Department
  61. Memo to file dated June 10, 1988 by W.W. Morton
  62. Report of Winnipeg Police Department Recruitment Team to Chief Stephen, March 10, 1989
  63. Winnipeg Police Department plan of action on recruitment of minorities, February 1989
  64. Extract from Winnipeg Police Department Policy Manual on handling of fatality cases (no date)
  65. City of Winnipeg Policy on staff training and development, adopted by City Council on November 7, 1988 (reprinted February 1989)
  66. Minutes of City Council of April 17, 1980, on educational standard of Winnipeg Police Department
  67. Winnipeg Police Department press release of August 31, 1989, re: investigation of Const. William Isaac
  68. Correspondence of Crown attorney W.W. Morton to Harvey Pollock, counsel for Harper family
  69. Supplementary reports of officers Mazur, Anderson and Phillips, re: Jeff Bedosky, March 9, 1988
  70. Winnipeg Police Department information on Aboriginal police officers on staff as November 1, 1989
  71. Canvass done by Brian Savage, letter to Mr. Schulman (no date)
  72. Canvass done by Steve Lechnowsky, April 12 — March 23, 1989

A Supplementary report of officers Foster and Sterdan, March 10, 1988
B Supplementary report of officers Sterdan and Littlewood, March 15, 1988
C Supplementary report of officers Anderson and Mazur, March 13, 1988
D Supplementary report of Sgt. J.R. Spiers’ report, March 17, 1988
E Supplementary report of officer Davies, March 11, 1988
F Report of officer Smyth, re: holsters, March 28, 1988
G Letter from Chief Herb Stephen to Mrs. Lois Harper, March 11, 1988

  1. Letter to U.S. Secret Service, September 7, 1989 from Commission counsel, re: report on notebooks
  2. Letter from Dr. Peter Markesteyn, Chief Medical Examiner, and crime lab report of Vincent J.M. Di Maio, M.D., Vince Di Maio Crime Lab in Texas, dated October 26, 1989
  3. Letter from Douglas N. Abra to Commission counsel, dated October 24, 1989
  4. Handwritten suicide note left by Insp. Kenneth Dowson (no date)
  5. Audio test readings from rear seat of Cruiser N202, August 1, 1989
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